Personalised Coaching

I support athletes who want personalised one-to-one coaching.

It is performed online on a coaching basis where I provide you with a detailed weekly plan. The plan is adjusted each week depending on progress, fatigue and other factors. It is initially based on at least one series of tests that you will perform.

The process we go through will cover different intensities of training as well as working on technique and on strength & conditioning. The intensity and duration of training will be modified weekly, following standard periodization approaches to training – but coupled with that we will also look at fatigue and load states on a very frequent basis ie up to a daily level. When tapering for an A race we sometimes adjust training daily, if needed.

Example: Duathlon training week.

Whilst I don’t have a magic wand that I can email to you, I can suggest a variety of very effective and cost-effective ways to continually tailor your training to respond to the needs of YOUR specific physiology. I suggest a degree of adherence to HRV models that fairly accurately tell you and I, your daily readiness for training – this is of importance to all athletes but specifically so to older athletes who might react and adapt VERY differently to what might be expected by scientific studies looking at college athletes. Similarly, ‘relatively’ untrained athletes often take longer to adapt to training stimuli than many college-level coaches expect.

If you are committed to improving; then my strength would lie in getting a lot of performance out of you over a 6 to 12 week period over ‘shorter’ events…basically, semi-seriously, any event that involves a 5k run somewhere in it! Those are events that I have competed in myself for a considerable time – I walk-the-walk as well as talking-the-talk.

I won’t bite. I charge £30 a week with a minimum charge of £120. So a 10-week program would be £300. I base that on usually two hours a week of my time but investing quite a bit more time in the first week.

You could quite easily spend £100 on an off-the-shelf plan and £5,000 on a time trail bike preparing for an ETU duathlon based on a criterium-like bike course – think about which would make the most difference and then think about what aspect of your training has the potential to make an even bigger difference.

Personalised plans will, in most cases, get a bigger performance gain than either a generic plan or a similarly priced piece of kit.


You will most likely be stronger at one of the triathlon/duathlon disciplines and most likely be stronger at either endurance, threshold or speed work.

A generic plan will be unable to address your strengths and weaknesses appropriately.

You also have the advantage of being able to ask questions to pick my brains on related training/gear issues; ranging from a pesky Achilles injury to the seat position in your bike set-up. Whilst I don’t claim to be a bike mechanic or physio I can guide you down a sensible route.

As well as several ‘5k runners’, I usually train between 3 and 6 Age Group athletes through to ETU/ITU qualification every year ranging from winners of qualifiers through to some who achieve their dream with that elusive 20th qualification place. The typical age is 40+. My athletes are almost always from the UK and Ireland but occasionally from the USA and South Africa. I’ve trained ITU medallists and near-medalists but mostly my strength is getting athletes their first qualification.

14 Jan 2020: I currently have one slot

Contact me on in**@th*********.com

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