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Hi, sorry to bring you to one more page. It speeds up the site’s main page that everyone sees!

How to get a Reduced Ads Experience

To display fewer ads you must do three things

  1. Create a free follower account on this site – choose the free Follower option on the subscription page.
  2. Log in from the main menu or here.
  3. Follow the site – use the blue button, below
  4. Optional: Manage notifications here to receive instant, daily or weekly notifications or no notifications here in your digest settings.

The blue button immediately below should let you follow or unfollow plus tell you your current follow status. If it doesn’t appear then you will have made a browser setting that stops it.

Follow the5krunner

Once you are logged in and following the site then fewer ads will be shown. Refresh the page to be sure (ctrl-shift-R or F5)

Sometimes I allow free followers access to subscriber (paid for) posts. I do that on a post-by-post basis.


Subscription is different from following.

Subscribers get an ad-free experience and other benefits (more details here)