new Garmin Enduro ?

Might Garmin's latest feature leak indicate a new Enduro is on the cards for April?

Garmin Fenix 8 For September? (Epix 3 too…) – 3 new FCC filings !

Garmin Fenix 8 For September? (Epix 3)

Tech that changed my sporty life in 2022 – well, at least a bit

Tech that Changed My Life This site is usually forward-looking as well as rooted in the…

Garmin global share falls 5% points, Apple rises (again)

To put it another way, Garmin's mid-tier business is up for grabs to a savvy competitor.

Garmin Reorganises for 2023 – FENIX Business Team Merged

s. Therefore, even though you and I might have a hard time deciding between a FORERUNNER…

Garmin 2022 results crash for Fitness

significant concern is the crash of the FITNESS segment of the business - simplistically, this includes…

Garmin – What next (later in 2023, after the 965 and Edge 540)

Garmin Epix 2X and Epix 2s - #Sweet

14 new (Ridiculous) Apple Watch Sports Profiles

Does this signal Apple's nefarious intent to secretly release the minutiae of our daily movements and…

Fitbit de-featuring – reading between the lines

The conclusion of all of this is, "Really folks, don't buy a Fitbit until it's clear…

Whoop: Price fall and reading between the lines

This sub-sector may still be experiencing growth, and companies like Whoop, Garmin, Polar, Oura, Athlytic, and…

Strava: Resignations and reading between the lines

Would you then rather have Garmin fill the space?

Stryd Fixes Air Power

gives better results when you install Stryd the wrong way around. The question "Why?" springs to…