the QuietOn Sleep 3.1 Review [May, 2023] Snore Silence Discount

QuietOn Sleepbuds 3 closeup and case Review
QuietOn 3.1 Review the Active-Noise-Cancelling Sleep Earbuds

TL;DR The best sleep buds have got better, these are the best active-noise-cancelling sleepbuds available – discount here. QuietOn Sleep 3.1 don’t play music and they eliminate most sound and probably will change your sleep.

There’s detailed information on the QuietOn 3.1 sleep earbuds further below after the summary review. Make sure you get version 3.1, not 3.0.

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Updated: 12 May 2023

Verdict: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - QuietOn Sleep definitely improves sleep quality and noise control but not a 100% cure
  • Price - 85%
  • Apparent Accuracy - 85%
  • Build Quality & Design - 95%
  • Features, Including App - 70%

Summary Review of the QuietOn 3.1 Sleep Earbuds

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I insert the comfortable earbuds and listen to the sound of the foam adjusting in my ear. Then… No sound. That’s good, right?


The QuietOn 3.1 earbuds are designed to reduce ambient noise to help you sleep better. They are comfortable to wear and fit well in the ear, with improved aesthetics compared to previous versions. They do a good job of blocking out most noises, including my partner’s snoring. I found them most helpful in helping me fall asleep but less so in keeping me asleep.

The small size is important, both for fitting in small ears and for being comfortable for side-sleepers (like me!).

A status indicator, such as a button or LED, would be helpful to know if the earbuds are on or not. For best results, it’s recommended to use the largest foam tips that fit comfortably in your ear canal.

It’s important to note that the QuietOn 3.1 earbuds do not offer perfect silence, and you should not expect them to completely eliminate all ambient noise. However, they do a good job of blocking out the majority of noises that can disrupt sleep and dull other noises, making them a valuable tool for anyone who struggles with sleep. Additionally, the earbuds are designed with comfort and aesthetics in mind, which is a plus for anyone who is sensitive to the feel and appearance of the devices they wear while sleeping. The foam tips can be a bit noisy when adjusting, which can be disorienting and make it hard to know if the earbuds are on or not. A status indicator would be useful. Overall, the QuietOn 3.1 earbuds are a good choice for anyone looking to improve their sleep.

The list price of $199 is periodically discounted, and you can get a discount with my code too. The benefits of improved sleep are invaluable, and I believe it to be worth the cost. To monitor the improvements in your sleep ‘vitals’, you can simultaneously use a sleep tracker like the Apple Watch Ultra or Garmin Venu 2.


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  • Eur259 (less 10% with code ‘the5krunner10’)
  • £249 (less 10% with code ‘the5krunner10’)
  • US$289 (less 10% with code ‘the5krunner10’)


  • Small size
  • Comfy for small ears and for side sleepers
  • Handy, protective charging case
  • Less noise! Less snoring noise!
  • Also useful during the day in noisy environments
  • Still lets you hear alarm clocks


  • No obvious indication that it is on/off
  • Not all frequencies and volumes of noise are blocked
  • No on/off button

As part of my research for this QuietOn 3.1 Review, I managed to secure more good nights’ worth of sleep than normal with these state-of-the-art, noise-cancelling earbuds. QuietOn Sleep is not perfect but it is innovative and it does deliver on its promises. Contrast that to the Bose Noise Cancelling Sleepbuds which were withdrawn from sale, and then replaced with the Bose Sleepbuds II product that I couldn’t get to work! Sometimes the brand you’ve heard of isn’t the best and this is one of those times.


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The QuietOn 3.1 sleepbuds do have some issues and are not the panacea for everyone, everywhere to get a perfect night in bed every single night. BUT THEY CERTAINLY HELPED ME…quite a lot!

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Jump ahead to the section that most interests you


QuietOn 3.1 – Who is it for?

QuietOn 3.1 is a sleep aid. We all sleep and some of us find that harder than others.

As well as those of us looking to sleep better by reducing unwanted environmental noise, including snoring, it doubles up as a 24×7 product to reduce many of the unnecessary noises that blight our concentration throughout the day.

How Does QuietOn 3.1 Work?

The sounds that surround us come in waves. You might remember from your school days that ‘anti waves’ will cancel out wave noise to a degree. That’s the broad principle behind the clever part of how QuietOn 3.1 works and the company also includes a comfy earbud tip to physically stop some other noises from reaching your eardrum.

Thus there are 3 broad approaches to improving sleep quality with an ear-based device

  1. BLOCK the noise getting in – QuietOn 3.1 partially does this ie it reduces the environmental volume level.
  2. PLAY alternative, relaxing sounds like the sound of rain or white/pink noise. – QuietOn 3.1 do NOT play any kind of music.
  3. CANCEL AMBIENT NOISE – QuietOn 3.1 aims to do this over a range of sound frequencies BUT NOT ALL.

How QuietOn 3.1 works in more detail!

I’ll show my own tests later. For now, this first chart from QuietOn shows how sounds under 4kHz and below 40db are largely eliminated from QuietOn’s definition of ‘snoring noise’ and that is compared to QuietOn’s claims for their previous generation earbud. The third, independently-sourced chart broadly shows that QuietOn’s choice of frequencies where snoring occurs is ‘about right’ (Source:

Image Source: QuietOn and

Unboxing, Contents & Comparisons – QuietOn Sleep Review

You get two earbuds and a battery pack/charging case.

There are also a USB-C cable and a range of 4 pairs of foam ‘Tips’, these are the interchangeable foam bits that go inside your ear canal and different sizes are provided to get a comfy fit. With these 3rd generation earbuds you now also get the foam tips that are better suited to super small ears…my partner was delighted!

QuietOn Sleep 3 earbuds and comly foam tips Review

The aesthetics and attention to design details on the sleep buds are excellent and are improved on the previous version. There is a professional finish all around from the earbuds to every detail of the charging case. Although I liked how the previous generation QuietOn product worked, I felt the finish of the finished product was perhaps not quite up to the standard of a special present you might give someone – the QuietOn 3.1 however is EXCELLENTLY made. It’s the ideal present material!


The charging case/carry-case contains a battery which can be charged at any time ie whether or not the earbuds are in your ears or in the case.

The QuietOn 3.1 earbuds can only be charged when in the charging case and the charging case must either have a charge in its battery or be plugged into a power source itself. This charging setup is not innovative and is used on several other sets of music earbuds that I own; nevertheless, it’s still a ‘good idea’ regardless of who first thought of it!

QuietOn Sleep 3 usb charger and case, Review of earbuds and charging case


The main benefits are that the charge in the earbuds can be EASILY topped up when not in use and you don’t have to be THAT organised to remember to charge them. You just put the sleepbuds back in the case routinely each morning. You won’t want to leave earbuds lying around when not in use as this might be a good way to get an ear infection…which is not pleasant. As well as keeping dirt out of them the case also prevents damage if you intend to use them away from home.

TIP: Leave the charging case plugged in all night and put the sleepbuds into it when you get up and take them with you to work

Size Comparisons

Here are the QuietOn 3.1 earplugs (white) compared to the previous version (black). They appear broadly similar in size but if you look more closely you will see that the new version is less bulky. The most important size difference is the depth of the main body of the earbud and because this is now notably reduced, ‘side sleepers’ will have a much easier job finding a comfortable sleeping position.


size comparison Quieton sleep 3 vs quieton sleep 2

Here are some indications of fit and size. The first, female, ear is very small and the bud is a good fit with the extra small tips, the previous generation product did NOT fit this person’s ears. The second image shows a smaller-than-average male ear where the sizing is fine and the buds, if anything, look small. The final, third image shows much larger Jabra music buds, note how the flat surface of these is much further away from the head and sticking out of the ear – these are unsuitable for sleeping.

Is QuietOn Sleep Comfortable?

Generally, I’d say that “Yes” they are comfortable. I had to get my head in just the right position when side-sleeping with the PREVIOUS generation of QuietOn. However, that problem has now gone away with QuietOn 3.1.

The sleepbuds generally stay in your ear but once in a while might come out.

Does QuietOn 3.1 Eliminate All Noise?

A: No.

QuietOn 3.1 makes the claim that it can “can cancel the low and mid-frequency noises from 100Hz – 2,000Hz up to 30dB from the original noise level.

Thus, some noise can be heard but some frequencies are eliminated and others GREATLY diminished.

I used to use my swimming earbuds sometimes when sleeping and they DO eliminate a significant amount of noise by forming an airtight seal, however, swimming earbuds become notably uncomfortable after prolonged wearing at night. To make matters worse, the swimming earbuds seemed to slightly damage my inner ear each night when sleeping with them. Then as time passed, I found there to be a high chance of a PAINFUL ear infection (acetic acid/vinegar applied with your little finger is the cure). QuietOn 3.1 use generic Foam Tips which are VERY gentle on the inner ear and I had no issues with damage nor subsequent infections from QuietOn 3.1.

Quieton sleep 3 review



QuietOn 3.1 Review – My Tests

On different days in different ambient conditions, I tried two online sites that play different frequencies of sound

  1.  With QuietOn noise cancelling earbuds, the sounds stopped at 7-9,000Hz. Without QuietOn Sleep I heard a noise of 12-13,000Hz.
  2. Sounds for me started to be audible at 115 Hz, mostly stopped at 9200 Hz with QuietOn 3.1. Without QuietOn Sleep I could hear from 100Hz to over 13,400Hz

The overall lowering of the Volume was harder to judge. I would guestimate that the audible frequencies were reduced to 20% or lower with QuietOn Sleep. ie reduced by at least 80%

The results will be affected by the quality of my PC’s speakers and other factors.

You could try either of those sites to prove to yourself there is a difference in relatively controlled conditions. However, as I say, the reduction in sound should be obvious when QuietOn Sleep are worn correctly

Comparison Quieton sleep 3 bose sleepbud reddit review


QuietOn 3.1 – Top Sleep Tips

You’ve already read about alcohol, coffee, dark rooms and a regular bedtime routine etc. But you are reading this review because you’ve tried all those…just like I had! I’ve found a notable benefit of using QuietOn Sleep regularly. If you want some other suggestions for a good night’s sleep then try these

  • Speedo Swimming earplugs – beware of ear infections (local Amazon link here)
  • A noisy fan that produces a constant drone – perhaps not so great in winter but fine in summer
  • I use my Google Home to react to ‘OK Google, play the sound of rain‘ and it does…all night. Amazon Echo and Apple products will be similar. (local Amazon link). tip- add that instruction to your nighttime Google Assistant’s GOODNIGHT routine and say “OK Google, Goodnight to perform a series of Home Automation events.
  • A memory foam mattress is great. However they can be ridiculously expensive and you’re not sure that they are worth it, right? Well, instead buy a memory foam ‘Topper’ that goes on your existing mattress. These are VASTLY cheaper and a great way to see if you like memory foam mattresses. They cost something like $/£/Eu50 (local Amazon link here)
  • Kalms – A Natural sleeping tablet. These seem to work occasionally for me as a placebo. (local Amazon link here)
  • Bizarrely I find that freshly laundered sheets and a plumped-up pillow help me sleep.
  • This product also helps me from time to time but it is expensive and you might doubt its ability to work: Hapbee Review and they also make the Hapbee Smart Sleep Pad/Pillow
  • Exercise – I am a wannabe athlete and train a lot. If I train an AWFUL lot then I go to sleep much more easily.
  • Brain overload – You’re meant to reduce mental activity before sleep. I find if I try to do an easy crossword app for 5 minutes as fast as I can then that helps me get to sleep.

Other people swear by these ideas, some of which I came across while researching other suggestions for this QuietOn 3.1 earbuds Review

  • Blu Tack as an earplug. Some of my tri-buddies use that for swimming as well! (nah #Hygeine: local Amazon link here)
  • Disposable Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs. Again people swear by these but I REALLY don’t like them (local Amazon link here)
  • Wireless sound-soother headband –  there are lots of other models like these, I tried one and found it itchy and sweaty. There is also the issue of the proximity of electromagnetic radiation to your brain. (local Amazon link here)
  • Zopiclone- or other prescription sleeping tablets. These really work…for a while. But they are addictive and, after a while, their effect lessens...and you are addicted to them. Not good. Your choice.

General FAQs

Q: What are the best earbuds for sleeping?

A: Cheap Speedo swimming earplugs eliminate most noise but are uncomfortable, can cause infection and degrade after several weeks. QuietOn 3.1 is a sensible long-term solution.

Q: What are the best noise-cancelling headphones for sleeping?

A: I don’t know of any noise-cancelling earbud that is better than QuietOn Sleep 3.1

Q: Do Earplugs help with snoring? (sleeping next to a snorer)

A: Absolutely, yes.


Quieton sleep 3 comparison to ose sleepbud amazon review reddit


Comparison to Earlier Model, QuietOn 3.1 vs. QuietOn Sleep 3 – What’s New?

The two models are identical except for how they perform when you first wear them. Approximately 30 seconds after taking them out of the charging case you will hear a noticeable dulling of the ambient volume in the sound from the environment around you. They’re working!

Comparison to Earlier Model, QuietOn 3.1 vs. QuietOn Sleep 2 – What’s New?

The new QuietOn 3.1 sleepbuds are a totally different product.

  • QuietOn 3.1 is a notably smaller, lighter product that fits the same sizes of ears as before and also fits EXTRA SMALL size ears
  • There is now no on/off or hear-through mode. The charging case indicates if there is a charge in the earbuds. Once removed from the case the earbuds are automatically turned on.
  • The performance characteristics of the two products are very similar
  • Battery life is longer on QuietOn 3 (28 hours vs 20 hours)


Comparison of Alternatives, QuietOn 3.1 vs Bose SleepBuds 2

I wrote a review of the BOSE SleepBuds Gen 2, they were awful and I just couldn’t get them to work (pair properly). This is a common problem and the first-generation Bose earbuds also had significant battery problems.

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QuietOn Sleep 3.1 User Manual

Are your sleepbuds working properly or do you need more info? Here is an electronic copy of the QuietOn 3.1 User Manual.

QuietOn 3.1 Specifications, Battery & LEDs

Here is the specifications section of the QuietOn 3.1 Review

Full Battery Life – 28 hours, approximately 4 nights of usage
Battery Type – Lithium-Ion 17mAh
Case Battery Type – Lithium-Ion 200mAh
Case Charge Time – 3 hours
Earbud charge time  – 2 hours
Cable Type  – USB-C
Earbud Weight – 1.8g per bud
Charger Weight – 59g
Music Playback – No
Bluetooth Radiation – None
Materials – Plastic (Polyamide, Polycarbonate, ABS), Silicone, Polyurethane Rubber, Stainless Steel and Gold


The charger case takes 3 hours to fully charge and the sleepbuds a further 2 hours to fully charge. The charge status of the sleepbuds is indicated on the front of the charging case and on the rear are LEDs that show the charge state of the case itself according to these diagrams




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Shop QuietOn USA

QuietOn ships to the USA via Shop QuietOn (use the coupon code: the5krunner10 to grab a discount) and they are also available on through this link but no discounts there, sorry!

Buy QuietOn Discount, Price & Availability

Want to buy QuietOn 3.1? QuietOn 3.1 is shipping now and you can buy one with a total of 10% off RRP with my discount coupon code ‘the5krunner10‘ – thank you.


EDIT: QuietOn Discount Code the5krunner10 now gives a total of approx £/$/Eu40 discount off couples packs and 10% off most items (see above). At times the QuietOn discount has been 20%



  • Eur259 (less 10% with code ‘the5krunner10’)
  • £249 (less 10% with code ‘the5krunner10’)
  • US$289 (less 10% with code ‘the5krunner10’)


Order QuietOn Sleep 3 Discount Coupon Code
Use 10% discount coupon code: the5krunner10

A post on Reddit suggested that the QuietOn 3 .1 versions (gen 3) available on Amazon are the earlier Gen 2 product…do your research. My review & links are for the latest manufacturer version. Some Gen 2 products are still available on Amazon and also directly from the manufacturer. They are OK to buy but definitely don’t get the Gen 1 product. Typically the Gen 2 product will save you £/$50 but they are a bit bigger and don’t look as nice! Gen 3 is the one you ideally want and even then make sure you get v3.1 and not v3.0


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