Garmin Fenix 7/Epix 2 *PRO* Skin Temperature – Coming Soon

Garmin Wrist Temperature coming VERY soon to improve sleep tracking, ovulation tracking and illness recognition

Garmin CIQ Hacker Exposes 13 Vulnerabilities Affecting 100 Garmin Watch Models

13 Connect IQ (CIQ) vulnerabilities were discovered affecting 100 Garmin models, with some vulnerabilities dating back…

Sports Watch gets BEST EVER GPS Track

It actually showed where I ran...most of the time. Incredible.

Garmin Struggle For Watch Market Share on iOS

Garmin only has a 7% Share of iOS: On one level, that stat is alarming for…

Coros – Massive Changes 2023…all the details

Platform-wide improvements for the entire Coros ecosystem

Garmin to Postpone Wrist Temperature Feature for Future Smartwatches

Temperature impacts on sleep tracking accuracy and readiness calculations.

Garmin Fenix 7 – gets fairly major upgrade

these changes indicate that Garmin is still tinkering with the whole interface to make a more…

How AI Endurance Incorportes AI and ML in its training model (now incorporates chatGPT)

it's ahead of the curve when it comes to ai but even in recent weeks, the…

Urbanista Phoenix Review with Solar Charging – eco-friendly wireless earbuds for 2023

Urbanista Phoenix Review - great Apple-like earbuds with the added eco-benefit of SOLAR CHARGING

Hapbee Smart Sleep Pad Review – recover better, stress less

If you believe that chemicals can stimulate brain receptors then why could those receptors not be…

Garmin connectGPT – AI on your Garmin in 2024…maybe

The likely reality is that Garmin won't be able to make meaningful progress in becoming much…

Polar to return to Wear OS hints CEO

Garmin cannot offer all of these features, but Suunto and Polar could if they produced a…