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Supersapiens is now back in stock in Europe and still not available in the USA.

The best deal you’ll get is from this site and from this link where you get a free Biosensor worth €75 when you commit to at least 2 biosensors. I suppose you might be able to subscribe, cancel the subscription and then resubscribe to get the same deal again, although the company would almost certainly crack down on that if it is abused.

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The product is not cheap if used continuously. My suggestion would be to give it a go in the 6 weeks leading up to and including your next B Race. That will give you 2 weeks of understanding your body’s reaction to macros, how well you generally fuel

Garmin: Supersapiens will benefit you LIVE when working out as well as throughout the day (and night). However, you will need to get your Garmin (or Wahoo) to link to the patch. If you have a new Garmin like the Edge 540 or Forerunner 965, you won’t find the Supersapiens data field on the CIQ store…so ping me and I’ll tell you the workaround I  use 😉 (in**@th*********.com).

The Supersapiens Performance Patches have an expiry date so buy with caution from trusted sources like SuperSapiens or athletes you know. Buy from eBay at your peril!

Supersapiens is not available in the USA. That’s the biggest market so obviously they will have availability there as soon as they can. I assume the company is waiting for FDA approval.

The smartphone app and Garmin CIQ app are free and there is no subscription cost. The average sensor price varies depending on how many you buy, they are as little as €50ea (€150/3) which is €25 per week as each sensor lasts 14 days. The €700 deal works out at€70 each… ie Eu20 is more expensive.

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