Aroma ARC 232 5-cup Review – A Simple & Portable Multi-Cooker / Rice Cooker

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  • 6 types of meal.
  • Portable design.

A review for anyone looking for a very cheap (and simple) multi-cooker out there in the market. A very portable product, ideal for outdoor activies, caravan travelling, college living or an office.

Note: This product is more of a rice-cooker than a multi-cooker. The only reason we are reviewing it under the multi-cooker category is due to its ability to also cook pasta, omelettes, oatmeals and soup.

Manufactured by Aroma, an american company that recently celebrated 40 years of existence. The company focus in designing high-quality and affordable kitchenware that provide a great user experience to the customer. One of their most recent products is Aroma ARC-232, the cheapest multi-cooker currently available on the kitchen appliance market. Aroma RC-232 is a multi-use cooker which can help prepare the following 6 meals: White Rice, Brown Rice, Pasta, Omelette, Oatmeal and Soup. It’s a compact and convenient multi-cooker, but is it trustworthy? Does the low price tag affect product’s durability and efficiency? Let’s find out!

  • 5-cup capacity.
  • One-Touch Control.
  • Does: White Rice, Brown Rice, Pasta, Omelette, Oatmeal, Soup.
  • Portable (Carrying handle and twist-off lid).
  • Included: Rice Measuring Cup and Serving Spatula.
  • 200W Heating Element.
  • UL Certified.


First of all, it’s important to mention how easy it is to transport Aroma ARC 232. In fact, this product was designed to highlight its portability features, ideal for travelling (we at techchef found it to be most useful when caravan travelling). It’s a small capacity multi-cooker, perfect for 1 to 3 people most. It features a cool-touch surface, carry handle, steam vent, one-touch control, locking lid and nonstick inner pot. In all fairness, these are features present in 99% of multi-cookers and rice-cookers; very standard. On the other hand, for such a cheap product it does have 6 multifunctions: White Rice, Brown Rice, Pasta, Omelette, Oatmeal and Soup. Once it’s done cooking it will automatically switch to Keep-Warm. As you can see, even though most of Aroma ARC 232’s features are pretty standard, it does cook pasta, omelettes, oatmeals and soups, which is a surprisingly great addition to its rice cooking capabilities.

Not suitable for sushi rice.
You can’t adjust temperature or time.


Aroma ARC 232 Multi-Cooker is built with 2 types of material: stainless steel and ABS plastic. Stainless steel is strong and anti-corrosion, while ABS plastic (the majority of this product’s design) is a lightweight and medium strenght material. As expected from a low-price multi-cooker / rice-cooker, material and design are not where its value lays at. A negative aspect we must highlight is the poor quality of the handler. For a product that enhances portability and focus on that feature has a selling point, having a plastic handler is not a positive aspect.

Product dimensions: 8.5 x 7.5 inches (21.6 x 19.1 cm).

Included with Aroma ARC 232:

  • Rice Measuring Cup
  • Serving Spatula

Ease of Use

This is the best characteristic of this kitchen appliance. Ideal for anyone who doesn’t have much experience with cooking. Its One-Touch Operation is very intuitive and simple to use; as simple as pressing a button to turn it on. In fact, that’s the only thing you can do, you are not able to adjust settings; it doesn’t have any.


After reviewing this product we believe it’s priced too high. Despite having 6 multifunctions and indeed being very portable, it doesn’t justify the price of $29.99 (price at the time of this review). Main reasons for not being worth that price are the plastic handle and not having settings. Suitable value would be somewhere between $19.99 and $22.

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Aroma ARC 232
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7.6 Total Score
Great for Travelling!

This multi-cooker / rice-cooker is of decent quality. It's a great fit for anyone travelling, going on an outdoor activity or going to college. It can prepare 6 types of meals and does its job efficiently. A very simple kitchen appliance, what you see is what you get.

Ease of Use
  • 6 types of meal.
  • Portable design.
  • 200W Heating Element.
  • Plastic handle.
  • No settings.
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