Family Kitchen: Best Places to Visit

Looking for a family-style dining experience? We have listed some of the best family kitchen restaurants for you and your family to visit in the United States, Europe and/or Asia. We will be discussing menus, prices (when possible) opening hours and my own personal experience.

Without further due, let’s start by listing some of the best restaurants in EUA:

Sal’s Family Kitchen  – Martinez, California

825 Escobar StMartinez, CA 94553-1219)

A family kitchen diner located in Martinez, California

If you visit Escobar St, has I did on my 40th birthday family road trip, you will have the oportunity to dine at one of my favourite family kitchen restaurants in California: Sal’s. Before I tell you what I loved about Sal’s, first I would like to tell what I didn’t. And that is the overall outside look of it. Didn’t strike me as very appealing, as you can see on the picture. Very standard, not Instagramable as my kid would say.

However, what it lacks in aesthetic it strongly compensantes in family environment, the staff charm and truly the great “vibe” it all. It was like dining in your own home, with smiling and happy strangers everywhere. A lot of families, a few couples, young and old. It even had a “kids art wall” where they will display your children’s drawings. I tried to get my 15year old to draw something and add it to the wall, but, I guess he is “too old for it dad”! ahah

The staff is amazing, the girls are very friendly and helpful. Me and my family even got to meet the “mom”, a very charming and adorable lady (thank you for a great night!).

The menu, has a lot of options, we took some time to finally pick our orders. Some of the best waffles and bacon and eggs I ever had! The prices are surprisingly cheap which is a real bonus to an already good experience.


Dinah’s Family Restaurant  – Los Angeles, California

dina's family restaurant

My wife’s favourite restaurant, ever! Every time, but I mean, every single time, we visit or pass through LA we must stop at Dina’s. The atmosphere is amazing, the staff is top notch professional and friendly. Me and my family have so many great memories here.

First of all, its design is cousy and exciting at the same time. I have taken many of my overseas friends to dine at Dinah’s and they all said the same thing: “gosh this feels so american”. It’s the tradicional “american diner” as they called it.

Secondly, the food. I strongly recommend Chicken Liver Plate A La Dinahs or Dinah’s Famous Burguers. I assure you not even your mother or wife cook a better burguer (sorry sweetheart).

inside dina's restaurant

However, I must say, compared to Sal’s it is a bit more pricy. If you are looking to have a great dine experience, but you have a large family and want to keep it affordable, I wouldn’t recommend Dinah’s. Average meal (with drinks included) per person is around 20$.

For your information, there’s an official website where you can make a reservation.


Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen  – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

paula deens restaurant in myrtle beach
Most likely you already know Paula Deen’s restaurant chain, or are familiar with its products (spices, sauces, etc). But if you aren’t and if by any chance you live nearby or are visiting South Carolina, please go to Myrtle Beach and dine at Paula Deen’s. To be fully transparent, this is where I proposed to my wife, so I do have a strong bond to this house. Nonetheless, and if I try not to take that into account, Deen’s still is one of the best family kitchens in the USA, I faithfully believe.
The good news is if you can’t go to South Carolina, Paula Deen’s is available in other states such as Texas and Florida. Check out the locations if you want to know more.
It has a lovely view to the river, which makes it the best spot in town for a late dinner. Absolutely amazing staff, the waitresses are very determined on making you feel at home, which is great. The menu consists everything you might think of, including vegetarian options too.  Which are delicious by the way. A great variety of meals and deserts.
It’s not expensive. I know the photo I used (not mine by the way, am not a good photographer) may seem like it’s a very posh place, but it really isn’t. An average meal (with drinks) goes from 13 to 20$. In my opinion, totally worth it.

Thank you for reading!

I will be adding more to this list while I travel and experience new diners. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment below! Don’t forget to share this article with someone who you know is travelling to any of these cities in the future.

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