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  • Auto-Stir.

A failed product by Gourmia, read before you buy, and after reading the review, you should still not buy this multi-cooker.

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A multi-cooker manufactured by Gourmia, an american company that aims to design kitchenware for a healthier lifestyle. Gourmia GCR1700 is one of their thrid-generation multi-cookers. It stands out from the rest thanks to its 3-D Express Cooking System. This uncommon, but extremely useful feature, uses base mounted thermostatically controlled auto-circulator (auto-stir spatula) to cook all areas evenly. You can cook alot of different types o meals with GCR1700, it is a 10-in-1 kitchen appliance: grill, bake, steam, sauté, pan fry, stew, stir fry, slow cook, roast and make sauces. Keep in the mind, although it has 10 cooking methods, it only has 4 Auto-Modes.

  • 8cups capacity.
  • 10 Cooking Methods: Slow Cook / Roast/ Grill / Bake / Steam / Sauté/ Pan Fry / Stew / Stir Fry / Sauces.
  • 4 Auto-Modes: Grill, Steam, Stir Fry, Stew.
  • Aluminum Inner Cooking Pot.
  • Easy-Vue Clear Lid.
  • “Delayed Cooking Function”
  • Includes: Stir and Sauté Spatulas.
  • Adjustable time and temperature.
  • Dimensions: 15 x 13.1 x 11.2 inches (38.1 x 33.27 x 28.45 cm)
  • Weight: 10.9 pounds (4.94kg)


If you are a novice and this is your first time owning or operating a multi-cooker, don’t be fooled. Even though it’s detailed as 10-in-1 multi-cooker, and yes it indeed is (poorly) capable of executing 10 cooking methods, they aren’t easy to setup. Of those 10, only 4 are smart modes. To prepare a meal using other methods you have to pick one of the 4 available modes and then tweak the temperature and time settings in order to get what you want. Nonetheless, if those settings were to be easy to use and understand, there wouldn’t be a problem. However, the settings are not intuitive, not even fully functional. The only positive feature on this multi-cooker is the removable auto-stir spatula. Which indeed is great for auto-stiring (3-D Express Cooking System), that uses base mounted thermostatically controlled auto-circulator to cook.

No turn on/off switch.


Not even the material is worth of a decent grade. Gourmia 1700 isn’t made to last. The product is poorly designed and built. The inner pot as a thin non stick coating that won’t last a year. The automatic stirrer and top cover is made of plastic, which is an awful choice of material for somethig that has to endure high temperatures. Many customers report a strong smell of plastic after a few usages. We at TechChef didn’t notice it had any effect in the food’s taste, but we did experience a strong smell of chemicals, most likely from the inner pot overheating easily.

Strong smell of plastic.

Ease of Use

Despite the manufacturer advertising Gourmia 1700 has novice-approved, it isn’t. Of the 10 cooking methods only 4 are smart modes. To cook using the other 6 you have to pick one of the smart modes and then tweak the temperature and time settings according to what you need. However, the adjustable settings function doesn’t work properly, you can’t dial up or down to get exact setting — the minimum temperature is 122º, the maximum is 428º, and in between there are random set of temperature degrees. When it comes to cleaning, it’s not easy either. Gourmia 1700’s design has some hard to reach spots in the inner pot. Read the instruction manual here.


If Gourmia 1700 functioned as the manufacturer advertises it, than it would be an amazing product for its current price ($79.99 at time of this review). However, we at TechChef believe the reason for this product to be constantly with a 70% discount is because there are many other amazing and functioning smart cookers in the market with much better performance and for a very low price too. This is a failed product by Gourmia. However, as we said previously, if you are looking for a kitchen appliance only to stir some vegetables, scrambled eggs, make sauces and bake (at low temperatures), than you will find Gourmia 1700 to be a decent product.


What do verified customers have to say?

“I purchase this unit mainly for the stir fry feature. I have use this unit several times and the food comes out smelling and tasting like plastic. The stirrer is unable to mix salt and pepper evenly if I decide to add during the cooking session. I made sweet potato fries with the stirrer and it came out soggy. The inner pot has a thin non stick coating, not sure how long it will last. The automatic stirrer and top cover is made of plastic which may contribute to the plastic smell and taste in the food. I really like the concept but it cannot be compared with a human stirring. It does get the job done but I am not impress with the quality.”
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Gourmia GCR1700
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2.9 Total Score
Don't buy it.

It's not a great product. I mean, if you prioritize the auto-stir function and are okay with it doing a poor job at basically everything else, it's a decent product. It's not easy to use. It does have 10 cooking functions but only 4 are auto-modes (smart modes), the others you have to tweak the settings (which isn't easy or intuitive). It has a strong smell of plastic when cooking anything at a higher temperature. We don't recommend this product.

Ease of Use
  • Auto-Stir.
  • Difficult to Use.
  • Only 4 Auto-modes (misleading advertising).
  • Hard to clean properly.
  • Adjustable Temperature is unreliable.
  • Plastic smell.
  • No power switch (to turn on/off must be plug/unplugged)
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