Gourmia GMC780 18-in-1 Multi-Cooker- Could be Perfect but It’s Not

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  • Feature-Rich.
  • Extra Accessories.
  • 1500W Heating Element.

A review for anyone seeking a very versatile multi-cooker. Gourmia GMC780 combines versatility and an affordable price, it’s a 18-in-1 smart-cooker that truly enhances homemade cooking, making it easier and faster.

Manufactured by Gourmia, an american company focused in engineering kitchenware for a healthy lifestyle, Gourmia GMC780 smart-cooker does pratically everything you can imagine. In fact, when comparing to other same budget (under $100) multi-cookers, GMC780 is the one featuring the most variety of cooking functions (18). These cook settings are: Meat & Grill, Pizza, Soup, Toast, Vegetable, Yogurt, Deep Fry, Hot Cereal, Stir-Fry, Hot Pot, Steam, Fry, Cake, Snacks, Defrost, Chocolate and Keep Warm. In terms of servings, it’s a small capacity multi-cooker (5 quarts). Interested? Let’s learn more about this kitchen smart-cooker!

  • 5qt capacity.
  • Functions: Meat & Grill / Pizza / Soup / Toast / Vegetable / Yogurt / Deep Fry / Hot Ceral / Stir-Fry / Hot Pot / Steam / Fry / Cake / Snacks / Defrost / Chocolate / Keep Warm.
  • Includes: Frying Basket, Steam Racks, Forks, Low Rack, Side Rack, Fondue Kit and Recipe Cookbook.
  • Adjustable time and temperature.
  • “Delayed Cooking Start”.
  • 1500W Heating Element.


If when looking for a multi-cooker you prioritize the diversity of functions, then surely you will be very pleased with Gourmia GMC780. It can cook a wide set of different home meals thanks to its 18 useful cooking modes: Meat & Grill, Pizza, Soup, Toast, Vegetable, Yogurt, Hot Ceral, Stir-Fry, Hot Pot, Cake, Chocolate, Snacks, Steam, Fry, Deep Fry, Defrost and Keep Warm. You can, of course, adjust the time and temperature according to the specific requirements of your meal or task. Something we were surprised to see integrated into this multi-cooker is the 1500W heating element, a surprisingly powerful heating element, way above the average watts for other same-budget smart-cookers. On top of this, it also has a built-in big LCD display with single touch, multiple options, features, adjustable temperatures and pre-programmed modes.

Even though it doesn’t come detailed in the product you can also use it to roast and fondue.
The reason we don’t give ‘Features’ a 10 or 9.5 grade is because the control panel is missing a badly needed oil temperature gauge (affects ‘Fry’ functionality).



This is where Gourmia GMC780 strongly disapointed us. Why? Well, because even though Gourmia GMC780 includes an amazing set of extra accessories, such as a fondue kit, and even though those accessories are of fairly decent quality (tempered glass lid), the multi-cooker itself falls short. Unfortunately, its “shallow” inner pot is made of aluminum instead of the much preferable stainless steel. The ABS plastic of the body of the multi-cooker is also thin and fragile. We at TechChef were not pleased with the overall design & material of this product. It almost takes out the value from its wide range of features.

Included with GMC780:

  • Aluminum dishwasher-safe inner pot.
  • Frying Basket.
  • Steam Racks.
  • Forks.
  • Low Rack.
  • Side Rack.
  • Fondue Kit.
  • Recipe Cookbook.
Does not come with an instruction manual but you can download it here.
A few number of customers have reported the item having a low durability and quickly start showing signs of deterioration when used regularly; TechChef confirms it. When used on a daily basis this product won’t last more then a year.
You can removable the bowl without having to remove the heating element, which is a great plus for deep frying.

Ease of Use

Despite the manufacturer advertisig this product as very simple to understand and use, we don’t find this to be true. The control panel with LCD display is not intuitive and well-designed. If you are not a first-time owner of a smart-cooker and are already used to handle these kitchen appliances, you won’t have an hard time. However, for beginners, or even second-time owners, you will have to give it a few tries and go through the manual before you master it.


At the time of this review Gourmia GMC780 was priced at $79.99. Even though its a great value for the amount of functions and extra accessories it comes with, it’s not worth it due to the overall durability of the product. This kitchenware doesn’t have what it takes to be used daily for the long-term, as it will almost surely start to malfunction within a year.


What do verified customers have to say?

“I’ve had mine for about 3 months now. It’s WONDERFUL to cook in. I cook in it about 3 nights a week. I’ve made everything you can think of in this instrument. I would LOVE to give it 5 stars because I do think it’s a great product BUT after only having it 3 months my coating in the pan looks like it’s starting to separate.”
Sabrina Dollar- On Amazon


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Gourmia GMC780
Author Rating
6.9 Total Score
Many Features but Low Durability

Sadly, this is not a product to be used on a daily basis for the long-term. It does have an amazing set of functions, but the negative aspect of its design & material doesn't pay it off. It's a good product for being used 1 or 2 times per week in an office or college dorm, not good enough to support a family.

Ease of Use
  • Feature-Rich.
  • Extra Accessories.
  • 1500W Heating Element.
  • Durability.
  • Shallow inner pot.
  • Ease of Use.
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