Magic Mill 6qt 5-In-1 Multi-Cooker Review – Simple and Reliable

6.9 Total Score

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  • Slow-Cooking.
  • Durability.
  • Ease of Use.

A review for anyone looking for a simple and reliable multi-cooker with enough capacity to serve meals for a family of 4 or 5. Magic Mill 6qt is a 5-in-1 multi-purpose kitchen appliance with good reviews on Amazon.

Magic Mill Multi-Cooker is kitchen appliance distributed by Royalux Inc. Magic Mill. The company sells a wide variety of kitchen and home appliances through a highly skilled network of regional distributors and dealers nationally. Magic Mill 6qt 5-in-1 is designed to be portable, efficient and easy to use. It is able to: slow-cook, brown/sauté, sear, roast, steam and warm food.

  • 6qt capacity.
  • Functions: Slow-Cook / Brown/Sauté / Sear / Roast / Steam/ Keep Warm.
  • Includes: Steamign Rack, Glass Lid.
  • Adjustable time.


We must say we were not very surprised at Magic Mill Multi-Cooker features. Even though it works great at slow-cooking, browning and roasting, it doesn’t do a good job at steaming, the vegetables become soggy and not worthy of being put at the dinner table. Since the product lacks feature-versatility we expected it to perform great in its already limited functions, unfortunately this is not the case. On the other hand, despite functioning great as a slow-cooker, it also features a LCD control panel (simple and intuitive) and time adjusting buttons. Its inner pot has a 6 quarts capacity.

Although not detailed in the product, it can also grill meat and bake. It, of course, depends on the recipe. However, if you plan to mostly bake or grill, there are more efficient and cheaper products in the market.
Not great at steaming vegetables.


Magic Mill is made of stainless steel and ABS plastic. This is one of the product’s strongest characteristics, indeed it was made for the long-term, even when used regularly, it’s a multi-cooker to be functioning after 3 years of purchase. It does come with a glass lid, which is always great, however, the hand on the lid is bare metal, there is no heat resistant material (such as silicone) to prevent one from getting burned. This is an important design flaw. Overall, it has a reliable material and design, giving it a long-term durability despite some design flaws here and there.

Ease of Use

There is no going wrong with this multi-cooker, its learning curve is very small and you will be able to master it very quickly. The control panel is intuitive and gives you easy access to its functions and settings. When it comes to cleaning, the inner pot, glass lid and steam rack are dishwasher safe; easy to clean.


This is where everything crumbles down. This product is not worth $99.99 (price at the time of this review). The lack of functions (when compared to other same-price multi-cookers), the lack of extra accessories, the non-reliable steaming function and the bare metal lid hand, truly devalue this product. We at TechChef believe Magic Mill 6qt 5-in-1 is overpriced, in our opinion its price tag should be $49.99.

What do verified customers have to say?

“I purchased this product last week and have used it twice – once to make chili and again to slow cook a whole chicken. The cooker is easy to use and the food, especially the chili, turned out great. The chicken was tender, albeit a bit dry, which I attribute to my learning curve. I slowed cooked it on low for 7 hours; I think opting for less time would have still achieved a fully cooked chicken.”
Bee Smith- On Amazon
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Magic Mill 6qt 5-In-1
Author Rating
6.9 Total Score
Simple and overpriced

Overall, Magic Mill 6qt 5-in-1 is a decent product, as a slow-cooker it performs great, however its steaming function is disapointing. It's a multi-cooker that will most likely endure more then 3 years, it's fairly easy to carry around and easy to use. Conclusion is, there are better products in the market, but as a slow-cooker it gets the job done efficiently.

Ease of Use
  • Slow-Cooking.
  • Durability.
  • Ease of Use.
  • Handle on the lid is bare metal (gets hot).
  • Price.
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