T-fal RK705851 10-In-1 – An Affordable Multi-Cooker with Ceramic Coating

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  • 10 Automatic Cooking Programs.
  • Ceramic coating inner pot.
  • Price.

A review for anyone looking for a multi-cooker that specializes in rice cooking but is also able to do a variety of other meals. It is one of the cheapest multi-cookers currently available in the market and has already won the “Amazon’s Choice” tag.

T-fal RK705851 is manufactured by the brand Tefal, a French company specialized in cookware and small appliances. This multi-cooker combines versatility and an affordable price, ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to spend alot of money but needs an efficient smart-cooker. Although T-fal RK705851’s speciality is cooking rice, quinoa and other grains, it is also capable of doing a wide variety of other meals. In fact, this small and cheap product has 10 automatic functions: Rice, Risotto, Oatmeal, Grains, Steam/Soup, Slow-Cook, Brown, Yogurt, Bake, Reheat and Keep Warm. This being said, let’s find out more about this very interesting multi-use cooker.

  • 5L (10-cup) capacity.
  • Cooking Programs: Rice, Risotto, Oatmeal, Grains, Steam/Soup, Slow-Cook, Brown, Yogurt, Bake, Reheat and Keep Warm.
  • Ideal for Baby Food.
  • Fuzzy Logic Technology .
  • 2.0mm Thickness 5 Layers Inner Pot with Ceramic Coating.
  • “Delayed Cooking Function”
  • Includes: Steam Basket, Rice Spoon, Soup Spoon, Measuring Cup, Spoon Support and Recipe Book.
  • Adjustable time and temperature.
  • 600W Heating Element.


First of all it’s important to mention the capacity of this multi-cooker. Its inner pot can hold 5L worth of ingredients (around 10 large cups of rice), enough to serve around 6 people. It has 10 automatic cooking programs: Rice, Risotto, Oatmeal, Grains, Steam/Soup, Slow-Cook, Brown, Yogurt, Bake, Reheat and Keep Warm. It excels in cooking rice, risotto, oatmeals and grains, and baby food. When it comes to browning, steaming, making soup and slow-cooking it performs efficiently but it is not where its strenght lays at (mainly due to the fairly-weak heating element of 600W). It also features Fuzzy logic technology, which basically adjusts cooking parameters automatically for the best cooking performance. The “Keep Warm” function will automatically turn-on after it’s done cooking, ensuring the food remains warm. On top of this it has a simple and intuitive push-button digital control panel that gives you access to all the functions and settings.



The multi-cooker is mainly composed of ABS Plastic and Ceramic. In fact, one of the best things about this multi-cooker is the 2mm thick inner pot with ceramic coating and diamond shape in the bowl bottom for better cooking result. Ceramic is one of the best materials to be used on this kind of kitchen appliance as it ensures a natural aroma and flavor of the food (together with the help of the micro pressure valve) and it also contributes to the item’s durability. If you take care of the multi-cooker and use it properly, it will last several years.

TechChef advises you to boil some water with the multicooker before using it for the first time.

Included with T-fal RK705851:

  • Steam Basket
  • Rice Spoon
  • Soup Spoon
  • Measuring Cup
  • Spoon Support
  • Recipe Book.

Ease of Use

T-fal RK705851 has a small learning curve. At first its digital panel may seem hard to understand and use but after a few days of messing around and cooking you’ll be using it with no hassle. When it comes to cleaning it, worry not, it’s dishwasher safe.


We at TechChef believe $64.95 (price tag at the time of this review) is an amazing price for this multi-cooker and its extra acessories. Without a doubt, a great value item, one of the best bangs for your buck!


What do verified customers have to say?

“Let me start by saying that I am not a new user of a multicooker, and I knew what to expect. Also I have a smaller size rice cooker, which I love and use a lot. I decided to get this multicooker because of it’s volume (10 cups) and of a ceramic covering of an inner pot. I’ve used it a lot during the last two weeks. I made rice (twice), ratatouille, pork stew, baked chicken – it works great, and I am looking forward to test all the wonderful features, like delayed start. I still have to work on the cake – the one I made was happily consumed by my kids, but was not too pretty to offer guests. I have not tried a yogurt setting yet.”
Wilbery- From Virginia, USA
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T-fal RK705851
Author Rating
8.6 Total Score
Great Value!

We were surprised at the price ~ quality ratio of this product. Of course it has some flaws, but if used correctly it's a product to endure the test of time and cook many delicious meals for the family. It's not just a rice cooker, it can do much more. We recommend this multi-cooker to anyone who doesn't have much money to spend and wants to get a good reliable product.

Ease of Use
  • 10 Automatic Cooking Programs.
  • Ceramic coating inner pot.
  • Price.
  • 600W heating element.
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