Yosiyo 3-in-1 Hand Blender Review – A New Brand Hits the Market

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  • Ease of Use.
  • Stainless Steel Housing.

Today we are focusing on a Yosiyo blender review, a new hand blender manufactured by a new brand. Yosiyo 3-in-1 is a promising appliance that combines price and ease of use. Newly released on Amazon, it has already made the delight of many customers.

We found out about this hand blender at the same time we found the company that manufactures it. Yosiyo was an unknown brand to us, therefore at first we were a bit septic when reviewing its product. While we can clearly say we were surprised at some aspects of the product, we must admit an important factor was disapoiting: performance. Overall, it’s a good standard product that surely gets the job done, but lacks a better motor to make it justice. Let’s find out what Yosiyo has to offer.

  • Hand Blender.
  • Includes: 700ml Beaker, Stainless Steel Blender Stick and Stainless Steel Whisk.
  • 400W motor.
  • 6 Speeds + Turbo.
  • Anti-Splash Guard.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Great for: Soups, Smoothies, Milkshakes and Baby Food.


First of all we must mention its utility. It is not a blender for grinding meat, grains, crushing ice or even blending large thick ingredients. It’s usefulness is best found in prepping baby food, smoothies and milshakes. Do not expect it to perform great in other meal prepping. However, it does have a motor that meets the average standard of a hand blender within this price range, a 400W motor.

Don’t use the blender for periods longer than 15 seconds at a time. Use it for 7~10 seconds, stop, wait, and use it again.
Don’t soak the whole machine in water.


Surprisingly, the blender functions on 6 different speeds (1 being the slowest and 6 the fastest) plus turbo mode. We didn’t find any issues with multi-speed, it functions properly. However, we would like to highlight we didn’t find much of a difference in using speed 6 or turbo mode. We would also like to point out how speed 6 and turbo mode may affect the product’s durability on the long-term. Somehow feels as the blender’s motor is too fragile to handle regular use of its speeds requiring full power. We recommend you avoid pushing the motor to its fullest on a daily basis.

Design & Material

The blender’s housing is made of stainless steel, a high-resistant and durable material, and plastic (e.g. buttons), surprisingly it’s good quality material with a decent thickness to it. Not the best, but definitely not the worst you can find on the market. The blades are very sharp and also made of stainless steel. The blender stick is confortable to handle, feels adequate. All the accessories except the whisk are dishwasher safe.

Ease of Use

As expected from a low-end product its simplicity ends up being a positive aspect to anyone looking for a casual low-powered hand blender aimed at liquids and baby food. The learning curve is pratically inexistent, the stick and the attachments are of easy assembly, the speeds are intuitive. Easy to clean and easy to use.


At the time of this review the price tag was at $32.99. After reviewing this kitchen appliance we believe due to the lack of power and small set of attachments, the product is a bit overpriced. Despite being a decent deal, if we compare to other same-price hand blenders, this one should cost no more than $24.99.


What do verified customers have to say?

“Attachments twist on and off which is nice and simple. Haven’t used chopper yet but seems the same as my previous more expensive one. Overall, good value for money if you just want a simple blender/chopper.”
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Yosiyo 3-in-1 Hand Blender
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7.7 Total Score
Standard Hand Blender

There are some positive and negative aspects that kind of balance the overall experience. Motor is weak but good enough for small and quick tasks. Speed 6 and Turbo mode are pretty much the same unfortunately. The durability is surprisingly good, if treate with care should last a few years. Overall a decent product.

Design & Material
Ease of Use
  • Ease of Use.
  • Stainless Steel Housing.
  • Turbo Speed isn't efficient.
  • Price.
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